Tuesday, 6 June 2017


What is it?

AboveAnxietyCrafts is a little project that I've decided to start over the summer. All of university work has been completed and I'm now faced with a few months off with very little to do to fill my time.

I'm sure this sounds like a dream to most people but for me, I find I can very easily slip into a depressed state if I don't have a focus. Therefore, I thought I would benefit from some sort of hobby to keep me occupied.

I'm passionate about promoting mental well-being and I have a new found appreciation for arts & crafts. So I thought, why not put the two together and sell handmade items with an emphasis on mental health, self-care, positivity and recovery?

I figured it would make sense to keep it consistent with the theme of my blog and social media, hence the name 'AboveAnxietyCrafts'. 

What are you selling?

At the moment I'm selling handmade mental-health themed bookmarks. Each one is individually painted using watercolour and feature different motivational quotes, recovery reminders etc.

I'll regularly be adding new designs as I make them, but you can also request a custom design with your favourite quotes, colours, images and I'll try my best to produce it!

I'm hoping to expand my product range to include handmade cards, pencil cases and eventually, cushion covers (once I've perfected the art of making them!). I shall therefore keep you updated on any progress with these!

Where are you selling them?

You can buy the bookmarks via my Etsy shop: AboveAnxietyCrafts. Each one costs £1.99 (plus 90p shipping). This is taking into account Etsy fees, the cost of making them and the cost of postage & packing. I currently only ship within the UK, however I hope to venture further afield and start shipping internationally once I feel more confident.

You can also access the shop through my blog by clicking on 'AboveAnxietyCrafts' on the bar at the top of the page, or by clicking on the little 'E' above my face.

I'm only a beginner in the world of arts and crafts (and selling through Etsy!) and so I'm still learning as I go along. However, what I do know is that I'm passionate about both raising mental health awareness and arts & crafts, so I'm hoping this comes across.

Thanks for reading and if you take the time to visit/favourite my shop or maybe even buy a product, thank you even more!


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